Kennel Club Accredited Instructor
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor


These prices are effective for all courses and lessons starting from May 2017.

This is our standard price list.  Costs for some services will vary depending on your location and the consequent travel time and costs.

Please note that all applicable fees are payable when you sign up for the course.

Many of our services are limited to a set number of dogs.  Early booking is therefore advisable as we will not compromise our care standards by accepting more than the set number for a course or service.

Puppy & General Training Courses
For puppy training and dog training courses, there is a limit of 5 dogs per trainer per session.

There is a one-off registration fee (per dog) of 25 when you first sign up for a training or agility course.  This fee is not charged again if you sign up for subsequent courses.

The first 6 week training course for each dog/puppy costs 45, plus the 25 registration fee.  Subsequent 6 week courses will cost 45.

Agility Training Courses
We’ve found that quite a few people have seen agility competitions on TV, and want to try it without committing to doing it intensively until they’ve decided whether it’s for them (and their dog) or not.  So we’ve introduced a slightly different charging structure for the agility sessions to avoid penalising those who just want to try an initial introductory course.

There is a maximum of 3 dogs per agility session.  Each course runs for 5 weeks and costs 55.  We’ve split the registration fee so you’ll pay 15 for the initial course (a total of 70 for the first course) and then a further 10 (a total of 65) at the start of a second course of lesson if you decide to carry on. 

Subsequent courses of 5 lessons then just cost the standard 55.

We do not allow puppies to join the agility courses until they are at least 12 months old.

Dog Training 1:1 Sessions
For these we charge from 35/hr, depending on the type of training required, number of dogs involved, etc.

We will give you a quote during our initial discussion (phone or email).

The minimum charge is for one hour, with each additional quarter-hour charged pro-rata.  So, a 1.5hr lesson would cost from 52.50.

In some cases, we may prefer to work with you and your dog in an environment that’s familiar to both of you, to see the established behaviours.  If this is the case then depending on where you are, we may also need to charge for travel time and costs.

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