Kennel Club Accredited Instructor
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor


Back in March 2012 we packed in our day jobs so that we could concentrate on doing what we enjoyed doing more than our day jobs - dog training!

We’d been running dog-training classes for a few years before we made that fairly major decision, enjoying every minute of it, but we had one major problem.  All of our classes were full, with long waiting lists, and we were asked time and time again if we could take on all sorts of extra dog-training and dog-care related work that we just didn’t have the time to do.  Going full-time gave us that extra time.

So now we’re able to provide a much wider range of dog training and dog care services.  We’ve got the time to spend with you that you need, and we can be a lot more flexible about when that time is. 

We’re still enjoying pretty much every minute of it, but that old problem has returned - our classes are full again and we’re starting to build long waiting lists.

So we’re now going to concentrate on 2 main types of training.

  • more 1:1 training at more times during more days - we’ll come to you and work with you and your dog in an environment that’s familiar to both of you.  We’ve found (not unexpectedly!) that this approach works very effectively where there are “issues” of some kind, which need to be resolved for the happiness of dog and owner!
  • more class-based general training at our training centres in Suffolk.  We run a variety of classes to cater for all ages of dog and all levels of training.  Our priority is to ensure that the dog is comfortable in the class environment and we match dogs to classes carefully.  We do recommend that you book early for these classes - if you know that you’re getting a new dog in a few weeks or months time, then call us now.  If you wait until the dog arrives, we’ll probably be fully booked.
  • more agility training at our outdoor training centres.  We really love this sport, and have seen at first hand the enjoyment that many many dogs and owners get from this rapidly growing sport.  Again, we will arrange separate classes for different ability and experience levels, so there will be a class for you and your dog - starters welcome.

If you’re interested in any of the above, please contact us for a friendly chat about how we could help.

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